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Invoice Factoring

Also known as “Accounts Receivable Financing”, invoice factoring allows a business to exchange outstanding invoices with a factoring firm for immediate cash flow.
Invoice Factoring


Good to Know
$25K - $25M

Invoice factoring from $25K and available up to $25M.

Payment Schedule

A factoring company will usually assess upfront to understand how long it will take to receive full payment from your business customers. Arrangements usually range between 30 to 90 days, but in certain circumstances can extend longer depending on the type of invoice receivables being factored.


The factoring company will typically advance between 80-90% of the invoice value to the business. The remaining 10-20% of the invoice value is released to the business, minus a factoring fee (ranging from .5% up to 4% per month), depending on qualifying factors.

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The Application Process

Committed to working with you in an ethical, responsive, and transparent way.

Complete the application

Give us a call or get started online, either way, it will only take a few minutes. We’ll capture the business specific information, advise you on any additional documentation and next steps.

Review your options

Once your application has been processed and reviewed, an Advisor will reach out with options and help you choose the best financing solution.

Receive funds

Once approved, funds typically release the same day to your business bank account

Eligibility requirements

Open, unpaid Invoices
A/R Report
No Fico minimum
Business bank account & ID
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Invoice Factoring

When should I consider invoice factoring?

Factoring unpaid invoices is a good financing solution for businesses that invoice their customers for products or services performed and might not receive payment on those invoices for 30 -90 days.

What is required to apply for invoice factoring?

In general, most factoring companies require a copy of the unpaid invoices, an application, the creditworthiness of the business, a copy of your accounts receivable report, a business bank account, and identification.

What items are typically required on an invoice for factoring?

The title “Invoice” is clearly displayed along with the business and the business customer's name and address. Other important information includes the invoice date, payment due date, and a unique invoice number. The factor will also want a description of the products or services sold and the quantity and price of each product or service.

How does invoice factoring work?

When a business factors its invoices, it will assign over its unpaid, outstanding invoices to a factoring firm that specializes in purchasing invoices, in exchange for immediate cash. The factor pays an advance (a partial payment) as soon as the business issues an invoice. Once the factor collects payment from your business customer, they pay the business the remaining amount, minus a fee.

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