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Get access to your ERC refund now!

Don't wait a year for your Employee Retention Credit (ERC) refund.

The government is severely backlogged on processing ERC claims.
This program will purchase your refund as soon as you file. You get paid today, and the purchaser gets paid when the ERC check arrives
From application to funding, we do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on what you do best, running and growing your business.
Unlike a loan or sales-based financing product, there are NO daily, weekly, or monthly payments against the funds provided.
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Who helped you with filing your initial ERC claim? A lot of what you've already done prior will help us expedite your application and funding today.
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Eligibility requirements

We have a dedicated team ready to work with you from application to funding.
File a valid ERC claim with the government
Your ERC claim is > (greater than) $75K
You have filed your 2021 tax return

Benefits that make a difference

Accelerate your cashflow!
Your eligible to receive between 70-80% of your ERC claim amount today!

This is not a loan so there are no payments

No payments due between receiving your funds and receiving the ERC refund from the government.

Quick turnaround times on eligibility, on processing, and on receiving funds.

Business cash flow today

What opportunities can you take advantage of today? Equipment purchases? Additional inventory? Remodeling? Software/hardware upgrades? Hire more talented people? The list goes on...

No obligation and No upfront fees to apply
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You've got questions?
We've got answers.
How much can I get?
The program will purchase between 70-80% of your ERC claim. There are no caps on the amount you can receive.
Is this a lending product?
No. This is not a loan or a sales-based financing product. There are no payments associated with this program. This is a purchase of your refund upfront.
How is the ERC amount determined?
The amount is based on the total ERC claim submitted to the government. The program purchases between 70-80% of that claim amount.
What's the cost?
There are no out of pocket expenses. The program purchases a percentage of your refund at a discount, in exchange for funding you a lump sum today. The discount represents the fee or amount retained by the program for carrying the out-of-pocket costs of money funded to you, until the ERC refund is officially received from the government. That’s it! No payments and no other fees between receiving funds and when you receive your ERC refund.

*Capital Reaction, LLC does not offer legal or tax advice. Please consult your tax or legal professional specific to your business situation. Capital Reaction, LLC is not owned or affiliated with any ERC finance provider and makes no representation or warranty as to the quality, accuracy, or reliability of the statement made or that of any ERC financing provider. All ERC applications are subject to final ERC finance provider approval.

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